Connecting with Your Kids

Perhaps the greatest influencer and predictor of your child’s success is the connection they share with you, their parent. Whether its social, academic, or eventually professional, kids who share a close connection with their parents have an incredible advantage in life. While countless of studies confirm this, as parents, we know this is an absolute.

Fun and educational
"Play & Share" games enable an enriching connecting experience that gives you insight into what your kids are thinking and how they're feeling.  
We believe that the quality of communication between parents and their kids directly affects that child's:

  • Self-confidence
  • Self-esteem
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Ability to understand others and be understood
  • Social skills
  • Independence.
And when we improve our communication and connection with our kids, those critical characteristics and skills improve.
Our Approach

We've applied these critical factors to our games, and in our own families, as a way to constantly maintain and improve parent-child communication:
  • The Art of Questioning  - it's a key in creating insightful communication.
  • Positive Thinking - critical for happiness and success.
  • Effective Quality Time - making it even more meaningful.
  • Leading by Example - kids learn and do what we show and teach them.